Institutional Real Estate Office

GE Capital

  • Valuation, Advisory and Acquisition Services, Northeast.

Harnsworth Pension Trust, London, England

  • Acquisition/Consulting Services on 10,000 acres, Eastern North Carolina. Acquisition and Forest Management Services on 10,000 acres in Vermont.

Harvard University

  • Conservation Advisory Service to negotiate acquisition and funding for inholding at Harvard Forest in Phillipston, Massachusetts.
  • Analysis of 60+ acre Case Estates property in Weston, MA donated to Harvard to establish market value, followed by marketing of property to Town and developers.

Medical-Clerical Pension Trust, London, England

  • Acquisition Services and Forest Management on 8,000 acres, New York and Vermont.

Plessey Pension Trust, London, England

  • Forest Management of 25,000 acres in Kentucky, 2,000 acres in Tennessee, 37,000 acres in New York, 2,000 acres in Vermont, 5,000 acres in Maine.

Yale University

  • Consulting Services on 2,000 acres, New Hampshire, on 300± acres, New Haven, Connecticut, and on 770 acres in central Connecticut.
  • Valuation of the 7,500+ acre Yale Meyer Forest, CT.