Financial Real Estate Office

Fiduciary Trust Company (Boston, MA)

  • Established market values for and managed the disposition of a portfolio of 65 properties throughout the U.S. and Quebec, Canada.

ALI Financing (London, England)

  • Appraisal of motion picture studio on 560 acres, Oneida County, Wisconsin

Bank of Boston (formerly)

  • Appraisal of 345-acre poultry farm in Westminster, Massachusetts

Bank of New England (formerly)

  • Timber inventory and appraisal on 3,500-acre tract in New Hampshire Lakes Region.

Bessemer Trust, N.A.

  • Appraisal of 1,100-acre plantation, Fredericksburg, Virginia; a 5,000± acre property on the eastern shore of Maryland; and 500-acre citrus and avocado orchards in Ojai, California.
  • Disposition planning for 150-acre property, Louisville, Kentucky.

Chemical Bank (formerly)

  • Appraisal of 1,800 acres, Hardyston, New Jersey.

Fleet Bank (formerly)

  • Commercial, industrial and forestland appraisals throughout the northeast and New York.

Merrill Lynch Capital Markets

  • Analysis of inventory data and related financials on timberlands of Plum Creek Timber Company, 1,500,000 acres in Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho.

Northern Trust

  • Appraisal of estate in Beverly, Massachusetts.
  • Disposition of estate in Essex, Massachusetts.


  • Appraisal of 168-acre limestone quarry - Madison, New York.

UBS Resource Investments

  • Acquisition, Appraisal and ongoing Management Services on 29,000 acres of prime white pine timberlands in southwestern Maine.