Spruce Creek consists of a 3,398±-acre forest situated adjacent to the southwesterly edge of Adirondack State Park in the towns of Norway and Salisbury, New York. The property offers a well-stocked, professionally managed timber resource with a variety of hardwood and softwood stand types providing opportunities for near-term harvesting and long-term value appreciation. A February 2019 timber inventory shows 5.9 MBF and 18.6 cords per commercial acre with sawtimber volumes composed predominantly of spruce/fir, red maple, hemlock, yellow birch, sugar maple, and black cherry. Approximately 700 acres are immediately available for near-term harvesting under the current 480a Forest Management Plan. Additional acreage remains commercially feasible for future harvesting in the next 15-year plan cycle. Extensive frontage along Spruce Creek and a shared border with Ferris Lake Wild Forest complement the property with additive recreation and conservation values. Primary access to interior northeastern portions of the property is provided by a well-maintained gravel right-of-way leading from the west side of Jerseyfield Road. Dairy Hill and Mexico Roads provide several points of access to southwestern portions of the property. Spruce Creek is enrolled in New York’s favorable 480-A property tax program. Utica and Rome offer primary population centers along Interstate-90 less than one hour from the property.

Property Details