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LandVest’s Boston office houses our corporate headquarters. Our real estate professionals provide comprehensive marketing services to owners of high-end properties throughout Greater Boston. It is home to our nationally renowned Real Estate Consulting Group. Our Boston office also assists our Timberland Division in servicing institutional timberland owners and private investors. LandVest’s premier graphics, advertising, and marketing staff are headquartered in our Boston office.

Greater Boston Real Estate: LandVest assignments have included the major properties in virtually every Greater Boston community over the years. LandVest properties are generally important beyond their local community and require special attention and targeted marketing. LandVest listings are recognized as special, and so receive premium values.

Consulting and Marketing: For properties that are without ready comparable sales, or for those with subdivision potential, coordinated work between our consulting and marketing divisions help to enable the highest value to be achieved consistent with our clients’ objectives.

National and International Expertise: LandVest’s expertise is sought for planning, valuation, and marketing of luxury real estate nationally and internationally. We work in virtually every state of the US, Canada, Latin America, and Europe. Within the US projects have ranged from major horse farms in Kentucky to revamping marketing for planned communities in Florida to some of the largest private landholdings in California. Outside the US we have helped market islands in the Caribbean and houses in Paris, as well as conservation projects of major landholdings in Latin America. If a property is special and complex, we can help property owners make informed decisions.

Fiduciary Services: Our Boston office serves as the primary liaison between our consulting and marketing divisions and major institutions and fiduciaries in Boston, New York and Washington. A substantial share of our practice is on referral from institutions for their own properties and those of their clients, where we act as the real estate advisor of choice in helping solve major gift, estate planning and family holding issues.

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